Custom Refactoring and Rewrite Editor Usability


Main Project Thread

Extract with Holes (was Blair's suggested name for this refactoring - Extract with Parameters is the more staid name we use. :-) This was finally started at CS12. We have a working version in VW which will be released as CS12RC3.

Latest Releases

Use the fully-tested development release CS12 RC2 for Envy in VASmalltalk and VAST, especially on Linux where it fixes some minor test and formatting bugs. CS11 Release Candidate 3 is the latest stable customrefactor release for all dialects we support at present. The add-ons release is unchanged from CS10 (the Configuration Expression add-on file is unchanged from that of Release Candidate 3, Camp Smalltalk 6, which remains the current version for that add-on in VA and VW3/Envy).

Camp Smalltalk Reports

For details of project work at recent Camp Smalltalks, see Niall Ross' Camp Smalltalk sections in his ESUG reports (navigate from the ESUG conferences page to locate the various reports).

New feature suggestions are welcome; post an enhancement request and/or add to our Wiki pages. Help on the project is also welcome!

Porting Thread

The VASmalltalk port is now done. We provide the RB, Envy Browser refactoring and RB test maps that are distributed with VASmalltalk releases from 7.5.1 onwards. (Upgrade to more recent versions from this site as needed.)


Some refactorings have been ported to Dolphin and are available in Object Arts' release; the Dolphin Rewrite Editor is to do (help welcome). Tim Mackinnon may look at further porting.


GwenaŽl Casaccio has done some porting-to-Squeak work and new refactorings work.