Custom Refactoring and Rewrite Editor Usability


Main Project Thread

Customise your Refactoring Browser!

Welcome to the Custom Refactoring and Rewrite Editor Usability Camp Smalltalk project. This project:

  1. adds refactorings to the Refactoring Browser
  2. adds usability features to its Rewrite Editor
  3. documents example custom refactorings

It was started in August 2001 (Camp Smalltalk 3: Essen) and has been progressed at every subsequent CS and via teleworking.

Our releases for VASmalltalk 8.0.0 and later are in the official VASmalltalk release distribution or available from the VASTGoodies site. Our work has being gradually incorporated into VisualWorks base or goodies in the 7.7 and 7.7.1 releases; we hope to complete this in the VW 7.8 release.

(Meanwhile, downloads for earlier versions are available from this site: Read our Stable Releases page to locate downloads.)

We hope to port to Dolphin (some features have already been ported). A Squeak port has been discussed. (Ultimately, we hope to port to all dialects that have the RB, as our time and resources permit.) For more details on what we have achieved and what we hope to achieve, see the other pages on this site.

Secondary Project Threads

RB-related add-ons

During project work, we have also made some dialect-specific utilities, contributed by project members, work with the RB. To date, these are:

  1. VA6 (and 5) code colouring utility
  2. VW3/Envy Configuration Expression Editor

A port of the Refactoring Browser to VW5i/Envy is available if wanted.

We are happy to host other tested RB-relevant utilities if offered. Logo